Salary and Living expenses in Japan


Salary and Living expenses in Japan

The average salary in Japan is around 2 to 3 Lakh yen a month, according to various surveys by Japan government. The usual payout as a fresher full-time employee usually starts with 2 Lakh yen a month and it can increase with time and policy as per the particular company. However, there is a bonus system in every company that usually gives an amount equal to 2 or 3 months of salary per year. If that amount is added in per month salary then it can come to around 2.5 Lakh yen per month.

The jobs in a particular field like IT with an experience of more than 3 or 4 years can give you a salary of 4 to 5 Lakh yen a month in addition to the yearly bonus as mentioned earlier. However if we consider saving money while living in Japan, we have to consider the living cost also. As we have heard that living costs in Japan can be high, I strongly recommend that you should adopt a wait and watch policy first when you start earning in Japan. Now the reason why I have many times advised this is because Japan is a land of a splurge.

There can be many high-tech products and activities that can make you allured slip away your hard-earned money and leave you with very less savings. Savings in Japan also may vary according to your spending habits like if your party very much and spend on girls, beer, discos, bars, chicken it will drastically show you no profits. On the other hand, if you make a balance between your job and enjoyment in Japan it will result you in good savings and excellent enjoyment with all the Japanese language learning and necessary stuff for your future career.

Important is to make social connections and your network strong which can take up to a few months or maybe a few days as Japanese people as very cooperative if you know Japanese language and act according to their culture.

Now coming to numbers, the estimated day to day expenses break up is given below on which average monthly savings can be calculated:
Rent 50000
Electricity 3000
Internet 2000
Gas 1000
Mobile 8000
Transportation 10000
Breakfast 15000
Lunch 20000
Dinner 20000
Coffee 6000
Gym 10000
Other 5000

Here it is clearly visible that a wise person can control his/her monthly expenditure to 1.5 Lakh yen a month living a satisfactorily better lifestyle in Japan working and enjoying life while saving money for his/her future career.

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