Learning Japanese Tips & Tricks

Learning Japanese Tips & Tricks


Learning Japanese Tips & Tricks

(For Absolute Beginners)

You must have heard:

The Japanese language is the most difficult language
So let’s not learn it
No matter it has high demand
Let’s go for some other easier languages (European language)
But now let’s understand that learning the Japanese Language may not be such a hard job since many of us have already learned it and earning Millions. So let’s start

But before starting,

Please know the TRUTH:
1. Japanese is NOT difficult. It only seems too difficult. WHY?
2. Because its grammar structure is opposite to English?
3. Kanjis are very large in number and they are quite difficult to write
4. Japanese have their whole communication in the Japanese language with no or very less knowledge of English
5. We have never given thought and quickly have judged ourselves that we can’t learn Japanese

So keep reading as all of these doubts are cleared here and we guide you to be on the path of earning money in Millions by just learning Japanese and making your life and career settled in Japan.

Our credibility:

Nihongomax Team has 10 years of experience in the following areas:
1. Teaching the Japanese Language in India
2. Teaching English to Japanese in Japan
3. Job recruitment in Japanese MNCs in India
4. Job recruitment of Indians in Japan
5. Japan Study Visa processing for Indian students

Many institutes in India fool the students into thinking that they are learning Japanese when they are actually just reading and re-reading the Romanized version. Now, this is still OK if they have introduced Hiragana and Katakana. But they haven’t.

Find the real and Best Japanese Language Institute. JOIN US NOW If you can… Keep reading…

So, your first TRICK: Start learning Hiragana Katakana (Not at all difficult) along with your initial Japanese language course if they haven’t introduced it to you yet. (Our material and guidance)

Second TRICK: Get yourself ahead in the first month: SPEAK (Even the Romanized Version) in loud voice. We have made it clear that only reading romaji (Romanized script) for months and considering you a Japanese language student is not advisable. What should you do then?

Speak Japanese

It is OK to learn Hiragana and Katakana along with reading your Romanized books, but keep speaking even the most basic sentences like:

Today is a holiday.

I am going to the Supermarket.

I love you.

How will this help?

You don’t know it’s POWER. I and many like me have experienced it. It makes you so well versed in any foreign language in a very short time that your confidence boosts many times.

Start making small words using the alphabets that you are learning and see the MAGIC.

Let’s assume that you have already learned あ、い、う、え、お

What combinations can you make out of these 5 letters?

Even if you don’t know the meaning, go ahead and make some combinations, Just for FUN!





You would be surprised as 3 out of these 4 words that we have just written by combining あ with the rest, HAVE A MEANING in the Japanese language.

Now suddenly switching to books that don’t have romaji anymore and have Hiragana Katakana and Kanji only, will discourage you. Believe us many of our students have seen this.

Primarily because they have started learning the Japanese Language very fast and then leaving it very FastTrack Four: Don’t spoon-feed yourself: When in reality you should be using all your abilities to speak even the basic sentences in your own LOUD voice, You can and will become a winner over others in no time when it comes to Japanese Language learning. Now you will be a Japanese Language Expert. How?

  • You have already started speaking basic Japanese sentences (Don’t worry even if it is too basic…)
  • Now you have shared your feelings on Social media also
  • Therefore you have started finding Japanese friends too.
  • They have already started rectifying the Japanese that you have learned from your institute
  • Now you are even more performing in your institute (Or even being a self-taught learner)
  • There is a good impression among your friends that you are really a keen learner
  • Now this impression has provided you with more links that you can use for getting work
  • Your first work has taught you much more than any Japanese language institute can give you
  • You have made more connections with Japanese people that now you can choose between a high paying work or a not so high paying work
  • Now you are so perfect that you can start applying for Japan.

Tip Five: Don’t be afraid of Katakana (They are the same 45 as Hiragana)Also, now that you are almost perfect to work in the Japanese language field, you have already surpassed the scary thoughts phase…We have taught a decent number of students to have understood this pattern. Some people learn Hiragana first. Result? They still can’t read Katakana in the same flow as Hiragana. Even after reaching an overall higher level of Japanese. So don’t be a fool like them…The best practice is to learn Hiragana and Katakana together. If you have already managed to learn them separately, we would suggest that you practice them together, again. Make a chart. Don’t have a chart? Download here. This method is so helpful initially since it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between Hiragana and Katakana. If you study using such a chart, it would be easier to point out similarities and differences. How should you Lean Katakana?
Tip six: Whatever you write in Hiragana, write in Katakana too. Just for the practice of course. This would help in sound identification and Katakana reading, both! (Writing too much is not recommended. It is just for your initial phase. See Nihongomax YouTube Videos)Even if you think that you want to disagree with us now, just give this a chance! You will never wish to go back to your own methods. Why?

  • Thousands of students have taken this path and left other institutes to join Nihongomax
  • Working in India they are now earning INR 2 lakhs a month
  • Working in Japan they are now earning Yen 6 lakhs a month
  • Working in other countries they are now earning $6,000 a month

Quick review-

  • Do not depend too much on Romaji and speak Japanese as much as possible
  • Do not learn Hiragana and Katakana separately, learn them together
  • View our videos for customized plans for yourself
  • Listen to your heart as it never lies
  • Just like NOW

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