Learn Japanese for Jobs in Japan


Learn Japanese for Jobs in Japan

Complete path from learning Japanese to jobs in Japan

Read carefully to understand all the steps to get a stable job in Japan.
And to make your life settled in Japan through Japanese Language…

Some of the Common Questions answered in this Article:
1. What are the requirements for finding Work in Japan?
2. How does knowing Japanese help you obtain work in Japan?
3. What are the most prevalent issues faced by foreigners, and how may they be addressed in order to obtain employment in Japan?
4.What measures must foreigners take to obtain permanent employment in Japan?
5. Why is it important to learn Japanese cultural specialties to get work in Japan?
6. What if we want to first start with part-time Jobs in Japan?
7. How to get Japan Work-Visa/Study-Visa from your home country?

Credibility of this Article:
Nihongomax Team has 10 years of experience in the following areas:
1. Teaching Japanese Language in India
2. Teaching English to Japanese in Japan
3. Job recruitment in Japanese MNCs in India
4. Job recruitment of Indians in Japan
5. Japan Study Visa processing for Indian students

Message to the Readers:
By reading this article, you will be able to
1. Set your goals for Japanese Language and Japan.
2. Learn how to get started and your career afterward.
3. Learn how to start making money in Japan by doing part-time jobs that lead to full-time work.

Step-1. Make JLPT N3 your first target

Clear your Fundamentals and then Intermediate Level – JLPT N3, and then target for some experience in Part-time jobs that brush up your Spoken Japanese further. This will add to your Advanced Level learning of Japanese Language along with an experience of understanding Japanese people’s mindset.
You can start learning Japanese language Offline at:


If you are not ready to join the institute for Japanese language training, you can request a Zoom or Skype session at any time.

Please see the following link for the JLPT level-by-level structure:

Know about JLPT

Step-2. Make Connections.

Working with Japanese people in your own country will not only improve your Japanese skills, but it will also help you make so many Japanese connections that you will be shocked at how powerful they are.

In just one year of working with Japanese people, 90% of our students will get the opportunity to visit Japan on short-term projects.

Please see the following link for further information and their experience:

Jobs in Japan

Step-3. Select your Options

Another excellent alternative is to apply for a Japan Study Visa to improve your Japanese language skills and increase your chances of meeting recruiters face to face. They not only assist you in connecting with Japanese employers, but they also provide guidance on how to succeed in Japanese interviews.

Even before starting a full-time job, you can start earning money and learning about Japanese work culture by doing part-time jobs while studying Advanced Japanese at a Japanese school.

Part-time job is a very nice way to start your work journey in Japan since this helps growth in terms of understanding Japanese work culture and spoken Japanese expression even faster than a permanent job.

Part-time work is known in Japanese as “Arubaito” and is highly recommended for first-time visitors to Japan who are usually students of the Japanese language. It is a method of gaining money and information in a short period of time, albeit it can be exhausting at times. Depending on the job profile, this may necessitate some extra effort in addition to sticking to your study plan.

Also, watch this video…

There are opportunities for full-time employees to work part-time so that they can devote more time to their hobbies rather than earning money. However it also depends on the visa type and a special permission status is required to do so.

Some companies, such as teachers, offer flexible days and shifts to function on numerous client sides, while others book your schedule to a certain office. It relies totally on your company and the type of your job.

You can also inquire and select from a list of websites that provide similar services. Part-time jobs sometimes include the sharing of work among a few individuals. However, because it is likely to be a skilled employment, such as teaching, such job sharing may require a specific qualification at the time of application.
1. Working with a make-up artist
2. Digital marketing agency
3. Hairdresser
4. Chef
5. Paid training under a photographer or a media person
6. Manga artist
7. Restaurant waiter
8. Working under Real-estate agent

Step-4. Pitch on Japanese recruiting websites

With your energy and prior experience working with Japanese people, now is the time to enter the full-time job market. You now have the necessary knowledge about how to communicate in Japanese and what the main requirements are for passing a Japanese interview. You also understand what Japanese people dislike and what they enjoy. Being immersed in Japanese culture for a long time can also assist you in achieving your goal of working in a specific field.

Some of the sites to help you out finding part-time and full-time jobs in Japan:







Monster Jobs

There are numerous examples, each of which will be a fresh discovery for your professional career. We even have pupils who go on to become well-known figures in their fields in Japan. If all goes well, you can be the same and make wages in the millions.

So try it without fear…

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Japan Work-Visa/Study-Visa

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