What are the Types of Jobs available in Japan?


What are the Types of Jobs available in Japan?

You’ll be glad to know that there is a high demand for skilled labor in Japan. The Japanese authorities and corporates are actively searching for a person who knows Japanese language and is willing to work a long time in Japan on a work visa.

There are Job requirements in almost every sector in Japan.

For example:
Engineering: Many Japanese companies (including those in the electronics, automotive and heavy manufacturing industries) are open to hiring foreign engineers.

Information Technology: Heavy demand of people with knowledge of IT and ITES.Many Japanese companies are building onsite and offsite platforms that can train and hire Japanese language-knowing IT engineers in the shortest time possible.

Investment Banking: Japanese investment banks are open to hiring foreigners from India and other Asian countries also. Those who know the Japanese language or can learn in a short time are given preference and are given better offers at the time of hiring. A few months of job training is also imparted. Investment banks hire not only for accounts but also for general office work, marketing, and IT specialists as staff members.

English Language Teachers: It has become the easiest and handsomely paying path for foreigners to settle in Japan. However these days it has become so popular that there is a steep rise in competition and due to the enormous supply, it has become very difficult for Asians to become English teachers and earn a good amount of salary.

Office Work (General): These jobs are primarily based on your Japanese language skills. If you have a valid visa, you can grab any white-collar job if your Japanese language skills are acceptable to the company.

Service Industry (General): Service Industry jobs usually have the same criteria as mentioned above for the office worker in Japan. People use the word “Keigo” (Honorific Japanese Language) more often so it is advised to work as a normal officer for the first few years in Japan before shifting to the service industry.

Small Businesses: A few examples of small businesses in Japan are, where you can work as a member of a small but growing entity, a start-up firm, fundraising organization or an individual in requirement of assistance staff members, account managers, Hiring professionals, marketing professionals, infrastructure management team, localization or product distribution staff.

Other niche areas: Photographers, Amazon product distributors, Wildlife Videographers, Survey staff, Bar owners, restaurant owners, Japanese language School management, Sales and recruiters, Governmental Research and Development staff, or even Television presenters or models.

So there is no shortage of work in Japan, you have to just know the language and possess skills to put to good use.

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