Want to work in Japan? Learn Japanese Language…


Want to work in Japan? Learn Japanese Language…

Having a good grasp of Japanese Language is the easiest way to get a job in Japan with a GOOD salary.


Mastering Japanese will happen in steps, which can be defined as Fundamental Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level.
In addition to your knowledge of the language, you can be an outstanding candidate with the tips below:

1. Your Proficiency in Spoken Japanese
2. Your JLPT Level
3. Your ability to crack Japanese Interview
4. Your interest in Japanese culture and its knowledge

1. Your Proficiency in Spoken Japanese: The Japanese society loves and quickly becomes friends if you are speaking in Japanese with them. Even on the basic level. If you pay attention to detail and ask more questions in Japanese, it will improve your spoken and listening skills as well as it will give an impression of you being interested in Japanese culture and their habits.

There can be many questions like:

  1. Why are people lined up on one side on escalators in Japan?
  2. How can Japanese people be always punctual on time?
  3. Why Japanese people are always busy reading books or their phones while traveling in trains?
  4. How is the Japanese system is well organized despite so much dense population pressure on big cities?

2. Your JLPT Level: Having a JLPT certification of advanced level will increase your chance to get a job in a Japanese MNC. Additionally, it will open your doors to many company interviews while you apply.
Having a JLPT N2 certification or having studied in Japan for at least one year is the minimum hiring criteria for most companies. So it is fine to say that the JLPT level is the backbone of your Japanese company Job joining efforts. Now to get more familiar with levels and the methods to clear JLPT, Look at nihongomax.com for your complete knowledge and procedures to pass JLPT while studying Japanese at a very less cost.

3. Your ability to crack Japanese Interview: To get a Job In Japan, it is a must that you are able to answer every question according to the Japanese society norms and their own parameters with confidence.  There are greater chances of you winning the interview game if you keep an eye on the following points while you prepare for your interview in Japan.

  1. Your ShibouDouki: That means a perfect reason to show your interest in the company you are applying for. How does it match your future goals and your thinking pattern or how the work style of that particular company has impressed you.
  2. Your past experience and the current position you are applying for: That means if it perfectly matches then only you can claim to be the best person to deliver good results in the particular position you are applying for.
  3. Your strength to deliver and be stick to the job for a long time: Japanese are known worldwide to b loyal and working permanently for their company. Most probably for their whole life. Now it may not be assumed for the foreigners like you to dedicate all your life to one Japanese company as since the globalization there are norms that are changed much as well as the mindsets, but still, there can be a behavioral and cultural background that should reflect in your Japanese job interview question answers

4. Your interest in Japanese culture and its knowledge: The Japanese love their culture. And they are right in doing so. Even if you stay in Japan for a few weeks you will also fall in love with the beautiful culture and mannerisms they follow. For example:

  1. Japanese are polite and harmless to strangers (also for friends of course).
  2. They never give you shocks or bad surprises as they know the value of trust and time.
  3. They always support you in any case where they can. No discrimination for foreigners.
  4. They set an example by being on time and following their promises so that others do the same.
  5. Japanese food shows the love for stomach and health as they don’t use harsh spices.
  6. Japanese people giving way to each other shows the symbol of respect to their society.

These things are expected from you too as a foreigner since you are living in Japan now and in lieu of it, you are getting all the benefits of living in the Japanese society. It is all give and take ideology if you may consider it so.

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