Indians in Japan


Indians in Japan

Before globalization, there was no distinguishing factor based on nationality for foreigners in Japan. Every nationality was taken into consideration about an individual’s knowledge of the Japanese language and the skill set necessary for a job in Japan.

However, recently the Japanese corporates have started preferring Japanese candidates for Jobs over other nationalities. For example, in some cases, the English teaching companies prefer native English teachers for their job offering, irrespective of the fact that an Indian/Asian candidate possesses all the necessary qualifications and skills.

One encouraging thing is that it is already very difficult for Japanese companies to find a suitable candidate for their job requirement, who can be up against their strict regime and specifications. So this ensures that there is no discrimination in terms of nationality. So one need not worry over nationality, the main ingredients required to get a job and be successful in Japan are knowledge of the Japanese language and respect for the culture and behavior of Japanese society.

Since the relations between the countries of India and Japan have grown very closer in the last few decades, the trade and business opportunities have also grown a lot of times, as compared to the earlier decades. Consequently, there are many companies and jobs available that specifically deal with the Indian market and hence they require Indian people, who are well versed in the Japanese language.

This ensures that there is no language or cultural barrier while dealing with people of India or another country. There are several companies in Osaka, Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo, Nagoya, and other areas which are dealing in traveling, customer relations, ticketing, advertising, market research, IT, and other fields too that hire Indians and resources from India seriously.

Indians in Japan speak several different languages. Also, there is little relationship between religion or language and profession among Indians. On the whole, Tokyo and Osaka, also Kobe has many Indian living areas.
There are Indian temples in both Kobe and Tokyo and many Indians are in small and medium enterprises. They have adapted to Japanese society, food and culture. Many are successfully working in skilled professions.

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