apartments in Japan

Apartments in Japan


Apartments in Japan

Suits every budget.

Those who go to Japan for the first time for Jobs in this coveted country should go for shared apartments accommodation. These are very much popular to become the first accommodation for a newcomer to the country as they are less expensive and also the procedural formalities are less.

Employer companies also prefer to keep their personnel in the shared apartments since they provide basic amenities with kitchen and other facilities like refrigerators, Washing machines, Microwave, Kitchen utensils, TV, Bath-Tub, Heater, AC, Furniture, Iron, etc. on a shared basis.

This reduces the need to arrange things that a foreigner may need and is not aware of. This can be very tricky and stressful for a first-timer in Japan. The average expense per month can come down to as cheap as 30,000 or 40,000 yen a month which is considered a very satisfactory number because living in Japan can be expensive otherwise. These apartments come in handy, clean, and well-arranged as the overall Japanese system is.

For those who are on travel purposes or for a short duration, Japan offers a wide range of accommodation types in both Japanese and Western styles, including some unconventional forms such as capsule hotels also.

For temporary visitors, the day rates can range from 1,000 yen per person in a dormitory to over 50,000 yen per person in a first-class hotel or ryokan. Since here we are talking from the perspective of saving money while on a job in Japan, the shared apartments accommodation is an excellent choice.

It is highly recommended to check and confirm that your accommodation is pre-fixed or arranged beforehand by the company you are going to for the job. Even if you wish to change places after a month or so, that won’t be much of a trouble. Once you settle in, in most cases the country and its people are so helpful and systematic, a foreigner quickly understands that changing apartments is meaningless.

What about Accommodation in Japan as a student?

Lots of excellent choices for students!!

The most obvious type of housing is a student dorm. Dormitories are usually shared among foreign students. University dorms in Japan are usually not too expensive and are often located near the university, which can help students save on travel expenses.

Homestays: A number of schools offer the possibility to do homestay with a Japanese family. Not only is this a perfect way to save money on housing while studying in Japan, it’s also an unforgettable opportunity to gain firsthand experience of Japanese culture and to practice your language skills!

Well-furnished hostels with regularly used appliances such as Refrigerators, Washing machines, microwaves, kitchen utensils, TV, Bath-Tub, Heater, AC, Furniture, Iron, etc. are easily available for students in Japan.

Most students stay in either shared houses or apartments; however, the standard for student dormitories is usually the same and very uniform in Japan. Rooms can be small but conveniently furnished with Refrigerator, Washing machine, Microwave, Kitchen utensils, TV, Bath-Tub, Heater, AC, Furniture, Iron, and other amenities are usually attached.
In addition to this, there are all kinds of kitchen facilities available like Suihanki (i.e. rice cooker), Oven, wash-liquids, Utensil drier, etc. Also, the bath area is usually equipped with Hot and cold water options, hair drier, cloth baskets, and other basic things.

The share house is the new trend that has emerged in Japan in recent times very fast. You can easily perform initial arrangements for the cheapest hostel and the facilities over various applications available. There are many formalities to be done before the booking of hostel providing the safety measures and instructions to all the newcomers. The best part is that the co-dwellers from various countries usually help each other and it becomes another opportunity to learn cross-country culture.

There is a long video showing the facilities of Hostels including kitchen, bathroom, etc. on our YouTube Channel “Nihongomax”. Don’t forget to have a look.

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