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Japanese Interview: Tips for self-improvement


Japanese Interview: Tips for self-improvement

To get a job in a Japanese company, be it Japan or be it your mother country, Japanese Interview questions answers, and their practice is very important. At the same time, it is equally important to groom yourself and become presentable for an interview, especially for a Japanese company.

So let’s get started with some basic tips for getting your Japanese Job interview a great success.

The Most IMPORTANT Stuff:

As mentioned earlier, in Japan, interviews require more than just your Japanese language skills.
They require your knowledge of Japanese manners and customs too.

After learning about some basics of the Japanese language you may think you’re ready for a Japanese interview. However, there’s plenty more to learn along with clearing JLPT N3.
So keep reading as even if you’re not planning to work in Japan, many of these tips will help you get your Japanese interview game better than ever before.
And if your hunt for a job in Japan has just started; you are at the right place.

Tips to succeed in Japanese Job Interview

1. Be prepared:

When you are questioned and expected to speak in your native language, you might prepare easily before appearing in an interview and think, “Hey, I’ll know what to say at the moment,”

But this may not be the same case if your interview is in Japanese.
Even the most advanced Japanese learners fumble up and lose the rhythm because they couldn’t express the correct Japanese expression and behavior or understand certain questions because of the way they were posed by the interviewer in a different style.

So you need to prepare according to the Japanese culture.

The first and foremost thing they expect from you is that you have come up with complete research of the company, and you are serious to join them with full conviction.

Practice pre-hand until you get your words flowing naturally and your body language shows your intent.
Use resources like to practice every interview scenario given. Useful grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and Business language is the most required portion of overall language.

2. Understand norms before your Japanese interview

Needless to say, you must wear an appropriate suit or formal dress. If you view a real Japanese interview on YouTube etc, there you won’t see a single case where the interviewee is not wearing a formal suit or jacket or even if plain white shirt, the overall look is absolutely professional and hair are well done up.
Always there is a Japanese proverb used in this case – “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression”.
Professional looks along with your neat and clean Bag or file folder give you a proper interview look that’s called “MIDASHINAMI” in Japanese. So the show begins before you even enter the interview room. Here is the full play-by-play of how you speak or answer when first arriving for your interview:
1. Knock on the door three times and say:
Shitsurei shimas (失礼します ) — Excuse me (In this case: May I come in)
2. Do not enter the room until the interviewer allows you:
3. Enter the room, close the door, face the interviewer and say Shitsurei shimas (失礼します ) again with a bow.
4. Walk to your chair and say:
“__(Your Name)__to moushimas. Yoroshiku onegai shimas”
My name is_____, it is a pleasure to meet you.
6. Sit once they allow you to sit. You should be sitting up straight and your legs should be together and your hands should be flat on your legs.


There are various comprehensive videos by NIHONGOMAX about Introducing yourself in a Japanese interview

(Also Japanese interview question answers with a sample of Fail-Pass scenario)

Watch the series to get complete knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.

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