How Japanese language grows in Japan


How Japanese language grows in Japan

It is totally obvious that in Japan, your growth in terms of spoken Japanese language and information of Japanese working system increases manifolds compared to studying the language in your home country.

This is because you have to ask questions and answer everything in Japanese language, be it purchasing stuff, traveling from one place to another, commuting to your office, speaking with your boss and subordinates, asking for favors, learning about buying and cooking food, preparing material for your presentation, watching TV, listening to announcements, participating in social events or festivals, making friends, partying with Japanese or even if you just enter a convenience store, everywhere Japanese language is flowing in your ears naturally.

This all makes you proficient in Japanese language in no time and almost with no effort.

No wonder many people quickly and smoothly jump over higher levels and clear JLPT very soon to make their career growth even faster, once they land in Japan. Moreover, the longer the period of stay in Japan, the higher will be your employability since the Japanese companies know that a foreigner is staying for long periods in Japan, just to understand their cultural and behavioral aspects.

Consequently, they don’t hesitate to hire a person who is already staying and working in Japan for a long period of time. One another reason is that if a valid visa is already available with the person, this makes it easier and desirable for the companies to hire such a person.

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