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Nihongomax Japanese Language Student


Nihongomax Japanese Language Student

Real Feedback of Nihongomax Japanese Language institute’s student

Hello everyone I am Monica, I am studying the Japanese language now from Nihongomax Delhi institute Just after completion of my 12th class. I feel Nihongomax is the Best Japanese language learning institute because they train a student for JLPT and speak the Japanese language as well in an excellent manner.

Nihongomax also gives you a platform for a better career scope in the Japanese language and opens your career opportunities for Japan. I have experienced it really good and now I am doing JLPT N5 level. There are 5 levels namely N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1. N5 is the basic Japanese level which starts from the introduction of Japanese and N1 is the hardest.

The key factor of NIHONGOMAX institute is the conversation classes that motivate a student to learn the Best Japanese language, do their best in JLPT, and in the future, become a good speaker or to become like a bridge between India and Japan. The teachers at Nihongomax help the applicants by guiding them about everything like speaking Japanese in hard situations, Solving paragraphs question answers, and how to get a Japan visa. They track all the activities from start till the end which is required for a successful study visa processing.

Nihongomax is a great place to study and learn the Japanese language the way of teaching is easy and efficient. They use audio and video to make Japanese understand fast and the teachers always give their best to support a student. Also, the institute is very neat and clean and the environment is student-friendly and it can be called a nice place to study.

They always teach in a practical way that really helps a student to explore more about Japan being a Japanese language beginner student. I am still in N5 level and seriously I have a strong feeling that I already know a lot of things about Japan and Japanese which I really want to tell in front of all you like Japanese behavior, kindness and helpfulness is very excellent. Japan has a very long and rich history with some very beautiful things in its culture that no other country has.


WHY NIHONGO? Wow, seems like the question is aimed at testing out our drive behind learning Nihongo. Hence, I’ll answer accordingly. Nihongo is closely related to Nihon (Japan). So, I must first answer why Nihon? Or more precisely, how Nihon?

Now many, I was first introduced to japan through media and entertainment [anime]. During my freshman year at college, I was introduced to amine, initially, I liked anime with no concern for Nihongo. Over time I realized that I was becoming interested in japan .now, my fondness for anime started shifting to things like onsen, shrines, Japanese people, food, culture, and also the language.
Now, I started paying attention and learned some common words from the internet like Arigatou, Sumimasen, Konnichiwa, daijobu. I still had a dream of living in Japan and experiencing the culture and environment there. I wasn’t sure though if I could go to Japan. I wished that I could converse with a Japanese person, which I did later on [ not fluently]. This provided me with the motivation to start learning Japanese properly. I still didn’t believe I could go to japan though gradually, I started learning about people who had done it ., reading about them. This was a big inspiration and led me to be sure of my decision of going to Japan.
I also realized that I know so little and had so much more to learn Nihongo and couldn’t be more sure of it. This is how developed. it’s been a long process from anime to japan to Japanese culture, a little experience with Japanese people and finally decided to start leaving a Japanese.

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