Japanese Job Interview rounds and procedure


Japanese Job Interview rounds

You are lucky when you reach further rounds to a Japanese Job interview, When you are being interviewed as a foreigner they may be interested in knowing more about your Japanese skills by asking about it in a straightforward manner:
• “Please tell us about your Japanese level.”
You can answer this with information about your Japanese studies, any JLPT exams that you have taken as well as any relevant experiences.
Of course, the best way to knock it out of the park is to speak great Japanese throughout the interview!

The interviewers could also want to learn more about any accomplishments you highlighted in your application or during the interview. You’ll then hear this question:
• “Please tell us about something that you achieved? How did you achieve it?”
This question allows you to showcase your accomplishments as well as the steps you took to get there.
It’s critical to have particular responses ready.

You can, for example, discuss how you oversaw a team that met its sales goals – but you must also clarify what those goals were, how they were met, and the value of teamwork throughout the process.

Personal questions

The interviewer may conclude with a few more broad and personal questions, such as:
• “What are your thoughts about your career? What kind of work are you looking for?”
In this scenario, they want to know how you feel about your career and what kind of job you’d like to have. IIn this scenario, they want to know how you feel about your career and what kind of job you’d like to have.

They may also ask for a little information about your hobbies:
• “What is your hobby?”
You may respond with anything pertinent about yourself and your hobbies in this section. And it would be best if they are somewhat related to the job you are currently applying for.

Asking the interviewer some questions

It is best to ask at least a couple of questions at the end of an interview, such as asking why the position becomes vacant, what kind of person would be successful in the job, and asking for more details about the position. When asking any and all questions, you must ensure that you utilise polite terminology. This is going to reflect highly upon your sincerity toward getting the job.

End the interview on a high note with full confidence

When the interview has ended, you stand and place yourself next to your chair and say a simple:
“Thank you very much.” “doumo arigatou gozaimashita”.
Then take a bow, walk to the door, turn around and say “Shitsurei Shimas” while bowing again. After you’ve passed through the door, you should bow once more right before closing it.

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