Programming Jobs in Japan

Programming Jobs in Japan


Programming Jobs in Japan

Read in detail to get these questions solved:

  1. How to get into a programming job in Japan?
  2. What salary and growth to expect?
  3. How about living and general expenses in Japan?
  4. What level of Japanese language is required?

Question 1. How to get into a programming job in Japan?

Answer: Japan is a land of opportunities for those who have little knowledge of the Japanese language with any other skill like computer coding or Management experience or even if they can use their native language in the field of travel etc. Now computer programming is a field that has an ever-emerging need for the well-skilled resources in any the areas like

  1. Front-end development involves technologies like CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, Redis, or Express, Deno et,c.
  2. Back-end Development involves technologies like Nodejs, Python, Java, Express, Deno, etc.
  3. Full-stack Development that has both the frontend and backend technologies with some hands-on experience.

Needless to say, if you have a specific area covered with a degree or a certification, all you need is just a basic understanding of the Japanese language (That you can cover by logging into to apply for a job in Japan in a big-tech company like Google, Facebook or Amazon.

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Question 2. What salary and growth to expect from a Programming job in Japan?

Answer: Working in a Japanese company gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and further hone your skills in spoken Japanese which can result in your fast salary growth as well as a higher post with great responsibilities. People with larger work areas get to establish teams and control them and therefore get good remuneration. Now talking about numbers, 2-3 years experienced software programmer gets 10-12 million yen per annum salary with other wages and insurance, etc covered and few other perks like house or travel allowance also covered in most of the cases. Growth in terms of money also depends on the performance but there is a significant increase, especially in the software area which is much higher compared to the other fields like management, etc. Salary can grow up to 20 or 25 million yen per annum in just a few years if the performance is at par according to the Japanese standards (That is mostly being punctual, meeting deadlines, and getting better at Japanese).

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Question 3. How about living and general expenses for a programmer in Japan?

Answer: As already given in detail about living expenses in Japan working in a Japanese company here in detail, let’s dig a bit deeper into what is like living as a programmer and getting paid in high volumes in Japan:

  1. Your living standard becomes higher since you get to know all the lavish ways to live a happy life in Japan which is a land of premium facilities if you have a pocket to spend.
  2. General expenses that being a student you always try restrict to a hundred thousand yen now go beyond 3 to 4 hundred thousand yen since you are already earning manifolds.
  3. You seldom hesitate to purchase any new or even a quirky electronic item that comes up in the market and you feel to are living in right place on the globe because Japan is world-famous for producing electronics way ahead of the times.
  4. You are likely to indulge more of you in games and stuff related to computers and entertainment because it is in plenty as well as with such high quality as anyone can expect. Even the companies promote their own products to the employees first to see the response and for quality feedback.

In nutshell, it can be said that living a programmer’s life in Japan is a dream come true if you can stick to your job and deliver the work on time with the quality standards expected. You can get a hell of enjoyment running through theme parks, travel destinations, and enjoying mountaineering in Japan.

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Question 4. What level of Japanese language is required for a programming job in Japan?

Answer: As stated in the answer to the first question here, if you have a specific area covered with a degree or a certification, among five levels (N5, N4, N3, N2, N1) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, N3 level gives you a fair knowledge of Japanese language to communicate and show your interest in language and culture of Japan which is required to get the Japanese interview cleared as a software engineer. You need not be an expert in Japanese but you should be able to communicate your basic feelings in the Japanese language. You should be able to:

  1. Read and understand written materials with specific content concerning everyday topics.
  2. Understand slightly difficult writings encountered in everyday situations and understand the technical language of your area of expertise.
  3. To communicate at a level that helps in getting a starting job in Japanese companies.

That’s exactly what the N3 level of JLPT offers you. Also, you should read some easy Japanese content for about 1 to 2 months to aid your skills of understanding and respond

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