Job Interviews from outside Japan (on internet)


Job Interviews from outside Japan (on internet)

For an interview in a company based in Japan you can get your interview placed through an agent or many of the trusted sites that mostly work for free. Once the interview is scheduled, it can take place over Skype or on their own platform.



It is important to know that Japanese Job interview requires superb Japanese spoken skills if your work profile is related to Japanese dealing. For example Travel Company etc.

In case you plan to go into other areas where the core competency is not public dealing, like engineering, they will focus on your other skills, for example in the case of IT your coding skills matter, and not your language skill. Even in such circumstances, if not advanced, at least a basic Japanese understanding is required so that you can survive travel, shopping, or understanding basic social norms required to live legally in Japan.

For a work visa, it will be the company and not you who is going to apply for the certificate of eligibility required for a Visa, provided you get through with the interview process. Now the trickier part is that if the Japanese company is really going to apply for your work visa in Japanese embassy, it will ensure that you at least start learning Japanese language for at least 180 hours of study which covers N5 and a bit of N4 level so that your visa application is smooth and successful.

It is nearly impossible for an embassy
to issue a visa if the candidate hasn’t started learning Japanese language. Therefore it is highly unlikely that the company itself starts with your interview in case you have zero knowledge of Japanese language.

Assuming that you have already started learning the language and culture of Japan, still it is a far-sighted goal because there can be an interview waiting for you in the application process itself from the local immigration to check your Japanese spoken skills. They try to judge whether your language skills are sufficient to survive in Japan, on your own.

It is thus highly recommended for people to start learning at least basic Japanese language to ensure a Job in Japan. After all, this is finished, you have to submit your documents to Japan by post. Mostly there are companies that do not require the originals and you can post copies of your certificates.

After the issuance of COE and the Visa when you apply again in your local immigration, you pack your bags and fly to the most beautiful and one of the most advanced countries of the world.

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