Monthly earnings from Japanese: Step by Step


Monthly earnings from Japanese: Step by Step

TWO years PATH to reach from $ZERO to $2,000 per month


Keep reading till the end to know how you can reach an income of $2,000 per month from an absolute Japanese language beginner in just TWO years since you have learned how to speak your first word in the Japanese Language. All the best!

Your First 6 Months Income: $ZERO

Since you have just begun to learn to speak your few basic Japanese language sentences and vocabulary and learn the JLPT technique, it doesn’t necessarily translate into income. But the best part is you are still enthusiastic and believe in keeping moving forward:

  1. It is not likely that you are going to start earning in this period since getting the Japanese clients and finishing their work on time needs some presentation skills as well as spoken Japanese skills.
  2. To get the whole idea of where to start as a beginner, How to get clients and work, and How to start your monthly income from Japanese and clear JLPT, you should definitely go to: nihongomax.com

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Your Next 6 Months Income: $100 per Month

Now you have completed your basic study of the Japanese language study (around JLPT N5 or N4) and now you are ready to start earning from it:

  1. Remember how much difficult or time taking it may be to get your first few Japanese clients or some guiding projects to get your first income, you may not get disheartened if you keep endeavoring, the $2000 per month income is not too far away from you.
  2. The next step is to make your CV attractive and well informative expressing about you and more about your Japanese language abilities. Since you may not have experience, initially it may be difficult for you to get new work immediately.
  3. Put your newly made CV on the monster, Linked-in, Dribble, Pinterest, indeed, jikopy, Gaijin pot, Angellist, Craigslist, naukari, and other Job websites.
  4. But if you can manage to get Japanese interpretation assignments through your Japanese language institute or may you request them to give you Japanese translation assignments, you are almost done with making a regular income per month.


 Your Next 6 Months Income: $500 per Month

Now you have done a few Japanese assignments completed and now you have at least a few clienteles on your CV:

  1. Now keep applying for Japanese Language Jobs while keep studying for the next level of JLPT. Since it is very important to put a good JLPT level (preferably at least N3) along with your experience in your CV.
  2. Since now you have good spoken Japanese abilities, it is very important to keep polishing them for your Japanese interview in Japanese MNC.
  3. That way you can make your interview especially suitable for the Japanese environment. The more you are well versed in Japanese, the more likely you are going to be presented in front of a Japanese native for a bigger profile in a Japanese company, probably for a job worth $1000 per month.

You can learn Japanese-style interview techniques from www.youtube.com/c/nihongomax


Your Next 6 Months’ Income: $1,000 per Month

Once you are well experienced (preferably around 1 year) in your current job, it is time when now you can target more high-paying jobs as you are now an expert in dealing with Japanese clients in the Japanese language. Some of the skills and experiences you have acquired by now are:

  1. You have a good experience of conducting meetings with Japanese and your home country team converting the language without any problems.
  2. You are also able to negotiate with the Japanese pretty smartly about the timelines, documents, and other office work.
  3. You can handle all the Japanese mails translation, verbal communication, and vice versa with your home country people.
  4. Also, you are now more understanding about your office works for example if it is an IT firm, you are well versed in the technologies and software your office uses for communication.
  5. You can also give instructions and training to the newcomers as the experience of more than 1 year is enough to get into the details of training a new person. It will also add much in your CV if you can grab the opportunity.


Your Next 6 Months’ Income: $2,000 per Month

Now if you are fast and disciplined enough to maintain your growth speed using all the resources available on the internet including nihongomax.com and Nihongomax Youtube channel, almost all the work is done because all you have achieved a mindset of being fast and successful by your efforts now:

  1. Start evaluating yourself high and that should also reflect in your CV and in your voice. Only it will come with your honest efforts of learning and practicing Japanese interview questions and answers.
  2. Once you have stated your value higher in the market, you are now ready to give an interview and express yourself as an experienced person working perfectly with Japanese natives and getting the work finished within the timeline.
  3. Also, you have to showcase your technical abilities because it will become a very advantageous position for you to grab the Job as well as grab it on a higher position where you can contribute and learn more on a higher level.
  4. Here the time comes when your excellent salary negotiation skills have come into place. Remember what o mentioned above, it all comes with experience and the knowledge of your work.
  5. Also, the higher your JLPT level, the higher your salary. To give you a ballpark figure based on my students, N2 cleared with 2 years of work experience can easily negotiate up to INR 18 lakhs per annum salary.


We hope you have got enough information and the correct perspective required to be a good earner Japanese language expert. Please don’t hesitate to ask if any further information is required. Put your best efforts to win this game and your next target should get Jobs in Japan beyond JPY 400K per month.

You CAN do it!

All the Best!

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