Job in Japan without knowing Japanese language


Job in Japan without knowing Japanese language

You will not go far in Japan without knowing Japanese language. Period. You need not be an expert in the language but at least some basic knowledge will always help.

What does it mean – without knowing Japanese language. It is not impossible to get a Job in these circumstances, but yes, you have to possess the expertise and a documented experience of your pertinent field, yet it will be a remote chance to get the job easily, unlike in any European country or in the United States for example. So it means that there are not many chances for you to get a job in Japan if you do not know the language.

This may come as a shocking truth to many of us but Japan is a country where long-term living and working dreams cannot be fulfilled without learning Japanese language. Those who have acquired Jobs in Japan in the field of engineering or medical science, where they possess exemplary skills, have to start learning Japanese language sooner or later.


Those who are currently living in Japan after learning or are learning Japanese from can vouch for what I am trying to convey. If your current skills and experience match the Japanese company requirements and you have connections in Japan also, so far so good. But if you really want it to happen, you must learn Japanese language. You may not learn it till the advanced level, but you have to learn it till at least the intermediate level.

Once you learn Japanese language, only then your CV proves that you are keen to work a long time in Japan and are serious to impart and improve your skills and experience. Best of all, if you have your CV prepared in Japanese language and if you can speak a few minimum sentences, like your self-introduction, about your work experience in Japan, nothing is better than that.

Many websites in Japan allow you to post your CV and get a free consultation from Japanese consultants with interview placements.



In the beginning, it may look a bit tricky and tedious work to pitch into a job consultant and place an appointment with him or her. Eventually, after going through the long process of generating Ids and filing their job entry sheets, you will have an idea of what skills they are actually seeking in you. That will give you a fair idea about what qualities you should showcase in your CV as well as it will help you to build your interview questions and answers.

The moot point is that you have to be strong in any one of the areas, either it can be Japanese language with some knowledge of other fields, or it can be your expert field, for example, IT with some knowledge of Japanese language.


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