How to get a Job in Japan?


How to Get a Job in Japan?

Well! Get some nice skills, learn their language, market yourself well, through a placement agent and bingo!

You are interested in taking up a job in Japan because Japan is a highly developed, advanced and established country. The Japanese society is very disciplined and perceived to be hard working. This allows them to be very selective about the people they allow inside the country, be it for Job, studies or tourism. You should expect detailed screening if you want to visit there especially for a job.

This is because of all the logic-based rules and regulations in Japan historically. There seems to be some in getting a job in Japan which are primarily based on the level of discipline imbibed in an individual by the country or society from which he/she is looking for a Job in Japan.

So what are the traits that you should possess for a Job in Japan:

• You should have a high level of the knowledge of Japanese language. There is usually a need of JLPT level N2 for a Job in Japan as mentioned in the requirements of the companies hiring foreigners.
• Be aware of the perfect style of writing your resume in Japanese language that reflects your professional image while applying. Most of companies take this very seriously. There is a separate column in the Japanese resume format in which you have to mention why you want to join this company and not another.


• Most important thing is how you appear in your interview and present yourself with full confidence. During the interview, they ask you, why you want to join this company and not another, in different manners to gauge your seriousness about joining their company.
• Having an understanding of Japanese culture will go a long way, as a higher level of Japanese cultural understanding brightens your chances to get a Job in Japan


• Other important things that will do well for your chances are, to possess knowledge about Japanese work culture, business mannerisms and most importantly having proper knowledge about the company in which you intend to apply.


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Joining will allow you to achieve all the necessary traits, as mentioned above and you’ll be able to get a dream job in Japan.

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