Work in Japan


Work in Japan

Want to Work in Japan?

Yes, you can…
If you have learned Japanese Language, your doors are open for Japan…

Some of the common questions answered in this Article:
1. What are the requirements for finding Work in Japan?
2. What are common problems for foreigners and how to overcome that to get a job in Japan?
3. Why is it important to learn Japanese language to find a job in Japan?
4. What are the JLPT levels of Japanese language learning?
5. How to get Japan Work-Visa/Study-Visa from your home country?
6. How to make your CV suitable to apply to a Japanese company?

The credibility of this Article:
Nihongomax Team has 10 years of experience in the following areas:
1. Teaching Japanese Language in India
2. Teaching English to Japanese in Japan
3. Job recruitment in Japanese MNCs in India
4. Job recruitment of Indians in Japan
5. Japan Study Visa processing for Indian students

Message to the Readers:
By reading this article, you will be able to
1. Set your goals for Japanese Language and Japan
2. Learn how to get started and your career afterward.
3. Learn how to start earning money and grow it in Japan.

Do you have a good grasp of the Japanese Language? That’s the easiest way to get a job in Japan. Once you get a job, then your next step is to make your salary attractive. Know how much higher can you go.

Salary in Japan
Salary is good in Japan if you know Japanese Language

How Much Salary?

1. Learning the Japanese Language will happen in steps

That can be defined as Fundamental Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level of Japanese Language.
You can learn Japanese language at:


any time anywhere be it Online Japanese lessons or Be it Offline Japanese language courses.
Please find the JLPT level-wise structure in the below link:

Know about JLPT

In addition to your knowledge of the language, you can be an outstanding candidate with the tips below:
1. Your discipline and dedication
2. Knowledge of advanced level Japanese with basic cultural understanding
3. Precise and to-the-point CV

Want to Make a Japanese CV?

1. The secret to the success and advancement of Japan as a nation lies in its discipline and attention to detail. From technology, Japan goes well on excellence. If you visit Japan, you will notice how everything is in perfect synchronization. People performing the smallest to the biggest of tasks are doing it with precision.

Japanese perfection
Japanese are famous for their precision and perfection

There are values in soldiers, workers, farmers, laborers being dedicated to their work and are deep-rooted in Japan`s history and culture. For a candidate to stand out among millions who desire to work in Japan, understanding this cultural aspect of discipline and attention to detail is very important.

Japanese Education System

2. Having a certification of advanced-level Japanese (JLPT N2 for example)

will increase your chance to get a job.
Additionally, understanding Japan’s culture, traditions and mannerisms is a bonus most students tend to ignore. And what do they Ignore…? Read…

Japanese Job Requirements

It is easier to find employment in Japan when you are residing there and/or are studying Japanese Language in Japan.

Japan Study Visa

This means – a student goes to Japan on a student visa, dedicatedly does a one or one and a half year course to master the language, and then applies for a permanent job. These courses in Japan are designed for you, to quickly find a job once you finish their course. This path is followed by 94% of perfectibilists working in Japan. Having a JLPT N2 certification or having studied in Japan for at least one year is the minimum hiring criteria for most companies.

JLPT Certification

3. An impressive CV

shows professionalism not only in Japan but everywhere else in the world. A company receives thousands of applications for every position and HR always value a well-written CV.
The perfect way to have an impressive CV is to keep it short and simple, yet cover all important details. There is various information available on the internet. You can do some research and find a CV template written in Japanese to build yours.

How to Make Japanesea  CV

In addition to all the tips mentioned above, handling the interview process with confidence and professionalism is necessary. Most companies will ask you for the reason behind applying to that particular job/company and not any other. Brief research beforehand about the company you applied to, the profile, etc will increase your confidence level.

Japanese Interview

Information provided by:
Yamazaki Kousuke (Japanese Professor)
Tanaka Yukiko (Japanese recruitment head)
Ravi Kant Gupta (Japanese Language Expert)
Kojima Risako (Japanese Language teacher, training consultant)

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