JLPT Certificate


JLPT Certificate

How can you clear JLPT for Jobs in Japanese

You can earn an excellent salary working in Japanese MNCs on a reputed job profile if you are able to clear JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test) that has 5 levels N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1. While N5 is the basic level, N1 is the most advanced level of the test. It checks your level of ability to work with Japanese people using the Japanese language.

JLPT Certificate

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Certificate or we can say JLPT Result is issued to those who clear the particular level mentioned above (N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1).

You can use this certificate for the following purposes:

  1. Admission to advanced Japanese education
  2. Finding employment in your home country
  3. Japan Study Visa
  4. Japan Employment Visa
  5. Official proof for schools and companies
  6. Self-evaluation (JLPT fail/pass results and scores)

There are particular guidelines mentioned for Japanese language learners who wish to apply for further studies in Japan or even the companies recruiting the Japanese language professionals to need the JLPT certificate along with the relevant experience as per requirement.

Some important facts about JLPT Exam:

  1. JLPT has MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) which computer evaluated.
  2. There are four or three choices for questions.
  3. There are examples to help examinees understand the form and how to answer.
  4. You CAN NOT take the question paper along with you after the exam is finished.
  5. There is a 10 -20 min break in every level depending on the level
  6. You can take only one level among the five (Since all levels get conducted at the same time)
  7. You can choose any level as per your confidence
  8. There is no prerequisite to apply for any level
  9. In general, the advanced levels have a larger number of questions to test your readability of lengthy Japanese language paragraphs

jlp certificate

Recently, the number of questions are squeezed to – Language Knowledge (Vocabulary), Language Knowledge (Grammar) with Reading for N4 and N5. Advanced levels test your ability to comprehend large and vast vocabulary-based conversations and conceptual thinking within the syllabus of JLPT. They are designed to produce reliable test results even with a smaller number of questions.

To get a real experience and sample syllabus of JLPT please log on to nihongomax.com where you can find a detailed explanation with the whole syllabus divided into levels as per JLPT pattern with practice and answers to long Japanese paragraphs and even Japanese listening questions. You can understand why the wrong option is wrong and the correct one is correct.

How can you clear JLPT with confidence?

  1. Don’t get afraid of large JLPT syllabus
  2. Get a complete understanding of the scope and difficulty level of every JLPT level
  3. Gather necessary books and Audios (Better make an account on nihongmax.com)
  4. Divide your time to get started
  5. Set your goals as realistic as possible
  6. Divide your study plan for all the 3 sections
  7. Never imbalance towards one section only
  8. Target good marks instead of passing only
  9. Try as many questions as you can on nihongomax.com

How can you apply for Jobs after clearing JLPT?

After clearing JLPT (at least N3 level) you can now start searching for Jobs. Fortunately, finding and doing Jobs in the Japanese language are way better than any other field of study. Where you can get a high-paying job with a reputation of nice Job profile in Japanese MNC with all the exposure to international culture and for that you have to study for a short time compared to other conventional courses. So after clearing JLPT let’s prepare yourself to go for a Japanese interview that requires your speaking abilities and basic Japanese knowledge that you must have acquired to clear JLPT. To get knowledge and experience of what you can say and what you should not say in a Japanese interview, please look at www.youtube.com/c/nihongomax

What NOT to do for JLPT?

  1. Don’t get panic listening to other JLPT student’s methods of study
  2. Never push yourself too hard for attempting JLPT level next to your ability
  3. Don’t think that attempting multiple-choice questions by guessing can make you clear JLPT
  4. Never think to copy or replicate a fake JLPT certificate
  5. Always refrain from those institutes who promise you a level of a very low fees


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