Is the Japanese Language difficult?


Is the Japanese Language difficult?

Have you heard people saying “Oh no! Japanese is really a tough language”?

Japanese is NOT difficult

We know by our years of experience that most of the students in frustration convey to you that Japanese is really a tough language because of their old and wrong way of learning the Japanese language.

 Let’s understand the difference first

Most students do the same mistake of doing the study of Advance Japanese same as they did Basic Japanese. They learn a vast number of Kanji by writing them and waste their precious time. In the end, they realize that the ways should be actually entirely different while going into the advanced study.

So what’s the Secret?

The secret is to start learning Japanese in a practical way and rather than only cramming the vocabulary and patterns, you should start speaking the sentence that came in front of you while studying. Be it basic or be it advanced. All the secrets have been told here on nihongomax.com in over 3,000 audios in plain and hitting Hindi. Go use them.

Things to master are Dokkai and Chōkai

Students take a long time to understand very simple things. They should learn spoken Japanese by imitating Japanese listening. Or they can read and solve a long comprehension passage if they keep reading and reading Japanese. There is no shortcut to it.

Is Japanese speaking difficult?

Not for Hindi speakers!

The spoken Japanese structure resembles very much that of Hindi. It resembles so much that it is very easy to translate it into Hindi compared to English. That’s why there is a worldwide impression of the Japanese being difficult over the internet. Because seems difficult to native English speakers such as Americans or Europeans most of them are content creators and bloggers about Japanese language learning.


But I saw that the Japanese script is very difficult. Is it true?

Yes, that’s true. The script of Japanese is a little hard to learn. That’s why we have told you that it can be mastered by learning in a systematic way by dividing it into some levels. Thankfully JLPT has made criteria and levels very clear and thus nihongomax.com has been structured for you.

Is it still difficult for you? Log in and put every kind of your difficulty on the wall. What and how do read the Japanese language and by when we can get a confidence level in it? How can we get a Job in Japanese and what are the minimum criteria? We know what and how to explain. You can count on us.

What not to do

Let’s understand what is NOT true about Japanese language learning


  1. Only kanji learning is enough and better way to learn Japanese??
  2. Only English meaning can be learned for every Kanji and for every vocabulary in Japanese??
  3. That there is no need for speaking the choukai (Listening questions) using audio??
  4. The long reading section in the JLPT exam for Japanese is very difficult and there is no solution to it??



Students usually make the mistake of learning Japanese like mathematics. They start reading and memorizing everything that is told in books without understanding the fact that a foreign language cannot be memorized as mathematical formulas. So in the process of learning, whenever students come across with exceptional Language, they get frustrated and say that Japanese is a tough language.

The key to mastering the Japanese language is to learn vocabulary in sentence form. After becoming a little speedy in reading, one should start speaking those sentences.
After getting adapted speed reading and speaking one can see the magic.


 Let’s take an example of新聞

It is read as “Shimbun” (しんぶん) and the meaning is “Newspaper”

Now even if you have learned both Kanji (新) as “Atarashii” and (聞) as “Kiku”, You have to again learn it as a combination of 新聞. So rather than going the difficult way, let’s start learning it as a vocabulary.

Also, if you should even don’t learn it as a vocabulary, but read it as a sentence 4-5 times likeわたしは日本語の新聞が難しくてわからない。

It will not only help you greatly master the vocabulary but it will also increase your speed of reading.

Also, if you speak it loud while reading, it will enhance your listening skills.

There are people who take 2-3 years to achieve an advanced level in the Japanese language by studying very hard. And there are people who do it in less than 1 year studying by a practical approach. Now the choice is yours.


  1. The Japanese language cannot be mastered by learning only the words or the rules of grammar. They are told only to teach the correct building of sentences.
  2. Make it a daily activity to speak the sentences given here and it will automatically help you learn the words, grammar, and even particle usage.
  3. Like a child learns a language by listening to his parents, TV, neighbors, friends, etc, as a foreign language student, we have to become our own friends by making ourselves listen to the language 4-5 times every time we understand any new thing.
  4. Whenever a new word comes, don’t learn it by its English meaning only. English meaning is required we understand, but only in the initial phase when we don’t know its meaning and usage at all.
  5. Once we are familiar with its meaning and usage, learn it by repeating the sentence.
  6. If you follow the instructions given above honestly, your chances of failing the exams become minimal.
  7. Also, there is a common myth about CHOUKAI that it is the most difficult section of the exam. Believe it or not, while speaking the sentences you will automatically feel a significant improvement in your listening skills. So keep listening to the audio given here repeatedly.


Japanese language study techniques

As we told you there are people who study very hard. Very very hard. And say “OMG! Japanese is really a tough language”. So the technique is “NOT TO LISTEN to THEM”



Focus on practical knowledge

Let us share with you that a foreign language especially the Japanese language cannot be mastered by only learning vocabulary and grammar. The key is what we do here is to absorb the language by audio and then repeat the sentences and feel the language with meaning.

Not only Concepts but counseling too

While listening, learn what mistakes usually students (Even senior students) do. And learn what not to do while studying the Japanese Language. Any day any time you can ask us what actually is the good way to conquer this language.

Listening and comprehension Secret

Listening and comprehension questions are what a student is most dreadful of. What should be the way, what should be the criteria, and what should be the technique is what we teach here while training you with the actual questions, actual difficulty level, and actual scenarios.





















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