Changing jobs inside Japan


Changing jobs inside Japan

It is very much possible because your Japanese working visa is valid until it expires, even if you change your job.

If you change jobs, for whatever reason, your former employer cannot take your visa away.If the types of tasks stay the same, you can work for a new company.

However, if you do not find a new employment within three months of leaving your prior job, the Immigration office has the ability to revoke your visa. You have the option of changing your job to one that is not within the scope of activities defined by your residence status. Before changing occupations, you must apply under “Application for Change of Status of Residence” on your own.

You can apply to modify your resident status at any moment throughout your stay. You can normally stay in Japan for up to three months without working if your working visa has time left on it.

So if you want to take a month or two off after quitting, it’s not an issue. You must, however, notify Immigration within 14 days of your final official working day. The procedure for serving a notice period prior to leaving an employment varies per firm.. It is, in general, almost identical to any other country. Also, if you have knowledge of Japanese language and you are certified, you can easily find a Language trainer job inside Japan. It’s useful for foreigners who want to take a break from a long-term employment in Japan for a few months. Now when working in Japan on a teacher’s jobs you may again want to join a big company like a Tech one for example. Here’s where the role of job sites comes into play.

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