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Q.20 Is written Japanese or spoken is important for Job in Japan?


Both were equally important to work and become successful in Japan till now but recently it can be assumed that spoken Japanese ability is in higher demand due to fast internationalization and diversification of job types where client handling and presenting things has become an essential part of your work profile. Spoken Japanese is the first ability that is checked while interviewing as you might have guessed it reading the above sections. Since you can showcase your knowledge to work in Japan and your willingness at the same time, it has become an indispensible part of your visa clearance process too. Be it study visa or work visa, spoken Japanese is checked first and the part of checking written Japanese can come later if the company requirement includes specifically writing letter or mails to the client for example. It is already supposed that if you are willing to stay long term in Japan, you have to speak in Japanese and also the law part gets involved here because it is safer for a person if he is able to understand and work coherently with the given laws and regulations of Japan. Also, it is better for you as well. Now coming to learning Japanese, I have also explained it in almost every class that you should go with spoken style while learning anything in Japanese language be it vocabulary, Grammar or even comprehension passage, it gives you faster growth and deeper learning because all the lifelong you are going to use these words if you wish to work and stay long term in Japan.