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Q.2 How to get a Job in Japan without Japanese?


First of all it should be very clear to you that what does without Japanese means. This may be a surprising truth to many of us that Japan is a country where long term living and working dream is highly unlikely to be fulfilled without learning Japanese language. Those who have got Jobs in Japan in the field of engineering or medical science etc, have to start learning Japanese sooner or later. Those who are currently living in Japan and learning Japanese from nihongomax.com can understand what we are trying to convey. Now as we just mentioned that it is not impossible to get Job but yes provided you have expertise and a documented experience of your pertinent field, yet it will be far lesser chance to get it just like any other European country or in United States for example. So the main point here is if your current skills and experience match the Japanese company requirements and there you have connections and links in Japan also, it’s nice. But if you really want it job on your own basis, you must learn Japanese language, if not till advanced, at least till intermediate level. Because then only your CV proves that you are keen to work long time in Japan and are serious to impart and improve your engineering skills and experience for instance. Best of all, if you have your CV in Japanese language and you can talk about your self-introduction and about your work-ex in Japanese in Japanese, nothing is better than that. And also there are many websites to post your CV and get connected to Japanese consultants and you can directly request them for your interview and placements schedules. Some useful sites for your reference are: Gaijipot, Daijob, Indeed, Craiglist, Glassdoor to name a few. You can always search Google and there are plenty of sites to help you. Now the only thing required is your willingness. In starting it may look a bit lengthy and tedious work to draft entry sheets, connect a job consultant and place an appointment with him or her. But eventually after going through the long process of generating IDs and filling their requirements, you will sooner have a better idea what they actually asking you again and again which will give you a good idea about what qualities you should present in your CV as well as it will guide you to build your interview questions and answers. The main point is you have to be strong enough in one area, either it can be Japanese language with some knowledge of other field, or it can be your expert field with a fair knowledge of Japanese language. We have provided a list of most prominent questions and what possible answers you can make in the Job interview questions section. Please have a look.