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Q.1 How to get a Job in Japan with Japanese?


Before starting it, let’s first understand that Japan is a disciplined, clean and established country and if you visit there you will notice that Japanese give an eye to detail in every performance and there is very fine and minute excellence in every area that narrate us about its advancement in every aspect possible. Now this is the result of all the logic based regulations in Japan since history and ironically it becomes a hurdle or we can say it as a mental barrier for the people who come from a different culture country to find a job in Japan which is actually primarily based on the level of discipline in him/her. As an example we can say higher the Japanese language level you have, more are your chances to get a Job in Japan. Also, higher the level of Japanese cultural understanding you have, your chances to get a Job in Japan are even more. Now the first method which is the easiest way and which is followed by more than 90% people is to first go on study visa and then getting job in Japan on Work-visa because almost all schools in Japan offer the courses that push Japanese language ability very fast, every student on an average becomes able to get Permanent Job quickly after finishing one year or one and a half year study in Japan. There is usually a need of at least one year of study in Japan or JLPT level N2 for a Job in Japan as mentioned on the requirements of the companies hiring foreigners but there are many examples that students get Job without even clearing N2 by their well spoken Japanese language skills. The other things necessary to get a permanent job in Japan are, for example the perfect style of writing your CV in Japanese language that gives your professional image while applying because most of the companies take this very seriously. Another example is how you give your interview and present yourself with full confidence, Japanese language knowledge, Japanese work culture knowledge, business mannerisms and proper knowledge of the company in which you are applying. There is specially a column in Japanese CV format in which you have to mention why you want to join this company and not other. Also, they ask the same question in different styles while interviewing you. The best part of the schools in Japan is that they guide you and train you in the things necessary to get a permanent Job in Japan in ending months of your Japanese language course.