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Q.9 Is finding a job in Japan very hard?


It depends highly on what Skill Set you have and what kind of Job market you are applying in. Of course, it is easier to get a job if your skill matches with what is in demand. But again it comes down to the fact that if you have Japanese language with you, or even if you have undergone a basic Japanese language learning course, and you can speak minimum Japanese for a basic communication, your chances become higher suddenly. The main reason behind this is, if there is no barrier of communication, no hindrance, no wall in communication between you and the company that is willing to hire you, or as a matter of fact between the Job agents or consultants whom you are dealing with, then a robust trust factor over Japanese people gets generated which is the main ingredient for your success in finding a Job in Japan. Hardness in finding a job in Japan is absolutely equal to finding it in any other country. But if the language barrier is vanished, then it becomes even easier to apply with your particular skill set. Because it is assumed that if you are living in Japan, you will have to deal with Japanese people in many situations. Having less to no Japanese skill will make you a “sort of a” handicap in communication. So from the prospect of an employer, it makes sense to hire people who can understand the instructions quickly and accurately. There are many sayings that the work that does not require communication in Japanese also exists in Japan but it is actually not true because even if there are jobs on a specific niche like labor in a factory, it will definitely require Japanese language learning before or after hiring you. Since life in Japan can be really nice, especially in the cities, if you can make ends meet. It's safe, it's quiet, the food is good, the standard of living is high, the people are mostly friendly and polite. If it fits in with your lifestyle then you can make yourself at home there quite easily. The efforts of leaning Japanese language or Japanese cultural ways to get into the country shouldn’t bother you in front of these perks.