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Q.13 Holidays while working in Japan


It is very much said about Japanese society being very hard-working that gives us an impression of working in Japan is extremely tiring because in Japan people always keep busy in work. But it doesn’t mean that they have any lesser amount of holidays. In fact it is observed that working in Japan gets you more holidays as a whole compared to most of the countries. Japan has many fixed holidays as well as a local region-wise holiday system too. They have golden week, Obon week and New-Year week as holiday and in addition, many companies have in house holidays also. Japan has sat-sun fixed holidays system and another very interesting fact is about a gazette holiday if it comes on Sunday or any other holiday, the next day will become a holiday automatically. All full time employees are guaranteed the minimum 10-12 days of paid annual leave per year after serving an initial 6 months of employment, irrespective of race or gender. All genders in Japan are truly respected just like the lowest crime rate compared to whole world. Also, Japan has 14 festival holidays that is very much higher than compared to many countries. So it is actually a myth to say that Japanese people have no holiday and they work harder than any other worker on the planet.