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Q.22 Are Indians preferred over westerners in Japan?


It is the other way round situation in Japan. Before globalization, there was no such distinguishing factor for foreigners in Japan. Every nationality was taken into consideration in regards to the knowledge of Japanese language and the skill necessary for a job in Japan. But recently for example, in some cases, the English teaching companies prefer native English speaker only for their job, no matter if the Asians has all the necessary qualification and the skill. If they have made it as their criteria, they won’t change it at any cost. But still I can say there is not much discrimination in terms of any nationality because it is already very difficult for Japanese companies to find a suitable candidate for their job who can meet up with their strict regime and specifications. So still no need to worry over nationality, the main ingredients required to get a job and be successful in Japan are discipline, Japanese language and respect for the culture and behavior of Japanese society. Even Indians may be required for a specific post in a Japanese company in Japan. Since the relations of India and Japan have grown very high in last decades, the trade and business opportunities have also taken rise compared to the previous decades. Consequently there are many companies and posts available that specifically deal with Indian market and hence they require people from India well versed in Japanese language so that there is no language or cultural barrier while dealing with each other. There are several companies in Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba, Saitama, Nagoya and other areas of Japan dealing in travelling, ticketing, customer relations, Advertising, market research, IT and other fields too that take India and resources from India seriously.