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Q.14 About Transportation in Japan


Japan has a robust transportation system, in-fact it is most robust in Asia and the world. Today Japan famous due to its technology and Bullet trains. Not only this, in Tokyo, Osaka, and some other large cities, buses and cars serve as a secondary means of public transportation, complementing the train and subway networks. Since it is present everywhere with its world famous punctuality, no-one even worries about the train coming or not even if it is raining heavily in monsoon because it is obvious to come on time. It is already written in the maps and apps that means it is going to arrive at that particular time so that you can plan your schedules with minute by minute precision and there is no haste about arriving in time for a meeting etc. Japanese people are always punctual and are on time is due to the fact that their transportation network is highly planned and precise. Transportation in Japan can be little expensive though as it has a high quality of hygiene and cleanliness maintained everywhere be it stations, Bus stops or airports etc. Moving by taxi is also considered a costly affair and used by many Japanese only in case of a sudden necessity like missing their last train at night. Shinkansen is another example of being the world-famous not just known for its speed, but also for its amazing safety record and punctuality. With careful design and precise Japanese system, there is almost no delay from schedule recorded in Japan till its beginning. Shinkansen runs on their dedicated train tracks, which contributes to the incredible departure and arrival schedule. Even after more than 50 years in operation and 10 billion travelers on Shinkansen, there are no passenger deaths due to train accidents. The total time consumed by a traveler using Shinkansen for example from Tokyo to Osaka can come even lesser than travelling in an airplane due to luggage and boarding nuisances. That can also be a reason why travelling from Shinkansen is a costly affair and it can be considered for those people who have the value of their time more than their money.