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Q.10 About Food and cooking in Japan


Food can be expensive in Japan if taken outside daily. The reason behind this is the fact that it is so delicious that one can become addicted quickly and it is normally healthy also if you stick to the authentic Japanese dishes. So if you want to go deep into the information about Japanese cuisine and how tasty and healthy it is, go check on Google but here we are going to discuss about how you can save your hard earned salary at the same time relishing the savors of Japan. Do first thing first. Check about your local food market because there are certainly the super-markets that are life saving in terms of healthy packed food items and also in other daily life necessities like stationary, utensils, clothes and stuff. There you can find a lot more variety and cost effective goods compared to normal street shops and surprisingly their quality is almost the same to the branded ones. Provided you are a great cook by yourself, there is no problem at all maintaining a balance between your time, labor, job and food cost effectiveness. However for those who are not so good in cooking or have no experience of cooking, it may seem sometimes challenging in the initial phase of their living in Japan since the home food cooking may require some extra efforts of gathering the raw material etc. However, Japanese cooking is little different and is surprisingly very easy and less time consuming if you have developed the Japanese taste. There are plenty of ready to cook items which even Japanese people use quiet often to save cost, time and energy. So based upon all this information, my advice is to go slow and learn to adapt first. Go and watch various markets, your food of taste and then plan according to your interest, time availability and taste. You can now see various YouTube channels also training you how to cook tasty Japanese meals in very short time and with very few resources. Surely you can learn nutritionally balanced and tasty food cooking methods in a very short time. Also, the dormitories or the hostels provided by the companies in Japan usually come with short and compact kitchen facilities that can make your this difficult looking task much easy.